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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about working with Lawafiy, the leaders in high-caliber, on-demand tech legal talent.

  • What is Lawafiy
    Lawafiy is the destination platform for Saas companies to find expert technology lawyers. We invented the alternative legal services industry which now supports hundreds of companies worldwide. Lawafiy gives start up tech companies a single trusted provider who can deliver a full spectrum of legal solutions and services.
  • Why should I use Lawafiy?
    You do not yet have your own in house legal team and need legal support. Lawafiy can take on a significant amount of the everyday legal work you outsource to traditional law firms, at rates up to 50% less than you're now paying.
  • How many lawyers are within the Lawify network?
    We currently have over 250+ lawyers within out vetted network. We only work with the highest standard of legal professionals with a minimum of 5 years experience working with technology companies.
  • Who employs Lawafiy lawyers?
    Lawafiy acts as a intermediary and our network of lawyers are not directly employed by Lawafiy. They either work for another firm or are a partner at their own firm. When you use one of our lawyers you are entering into a contract with Lawafiy.
  • What services does Lawafiy offer?
    Lawafiy provides everything from hourly, daily, and weekly to full-service legal support. As we always provide you up to 3 lawyers you can choose the most effective price that suits your budget. This can save our firms up to 50% lower rates than national law firms.
  • Is Lawafiy a law firm?
    Lawafiy is not a law firm. We are an intermediary technology company that connects technology companies with the most suitable and highest quality legal professionals at the most cost effective price possible. Lawafiy owns and controls the interaction and relationship ensuring all parties receive the highest standard of service at all times.
  • How is Lawafiy different from traditional law firms?
    Lawafiy gives you a single trusted provider who can deliver a broad spectrum of in-house solutions by providing a talent pool of high-caliber vetted legal professionals on demand when you need them.
  • Do Lawafiy lawyers carry malpractice insurance?
    Yes, Lawafiy maintains professional liability insurance under a standard Lawyers Professional Liability policy. Proof of coverage can be provided upon request.
  • How do I begin an engagement with Lawafiy?
    Tell us about your legal needs and priorities to see relevant legal talent from our network with the experience you need. We’ll propose a solution that will get the best results for your needs.
  • How does Lawafiy onboard lawyers to new engagements?
    We partner closely with our clients throughout the lawyer onboarding process and use detailed checklists and methods to ensure our lawyers are effective from day one.
  • I need the lawyer to use a specific technology, such as billing systems, CMS, or security software – can Lawafiy support that?
    Yes, we can search our network of lawyers who can use client tools and technology.
  • How does Lawafiy check lawyers’ references?
    Our reference check process involves obtaining references from at least 3 of the lawyer’s former supervisors. These are robust and meaningful checks as opposed to simply verifying employment dates.
  • What is Lawafiy's pricing model?
    Lawafiy billing arrangements are designed to provide both value and spend predictability for our clients. Lawafiy's pricing is based on a fixed hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis, which delivers cost certainty to our clients. The price is driven by the lawyer’s rates and depends on the number of days or hours per week the lawyer is working. For questions about custom billing structures, please contact us.
  • How often does Lawafiy invoice?
    Lawafiy engagements are typically billed on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • Why can I obtain 3 quotes from Lawafiy?
    Our aim is to provide you with the most cost effective price possible. This is why we provide you quotes from 3 independent lawyers so you can select the price that suits your budget. The lawyers experience level, skill set, geographic region, and practice area will also impact the price.
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